Sample Replays

You are a musician, producer, or record company. You have a really great track you want to release so you can make lots of money. However, the track includes one or more samples – and guess what – you either can’t get clearance to use the sample, or costs for using the sample are so high they are really cutting into the artist’s share of the money.

The solution is simple.

Replay Heaven

Never use samples again in a finished track. Really. Just don’t do it any more. It costs you too much. It isn’t worth it. Instead, get your samples replayed for you by Replay Heaven. With our extensive range of recording facilities, instruments, arrangers and session musicians we can accurately mimic virtually any sample you want. Your track will sound the same, but our charges will be less than the sample clearance.

Parodies and avoiding publishing clearance

If you are having problems getting publishing clearance on a sample or want to avoid giving up a percentage of your publishing due to sample usage, our musicologists can alter tracks to the point where they capture the spirit of the original track, while technically becoming a new tune.


For further information e-mail us on Next, why not go to the examples page to hear our showreel of just how accurate our sample replays are