Complete track re-recordings

Replay Heaven are world leaders in re-recording entire existing music masters, making them sound convincingly like the original recording, not like a modern re-record.

Often this work is carried on behalf of, or in collaboration with, the original artists and related rights holders, enabling them to gain ownership of a new master which loses none of the vibe and authenticity of the classic recording. The new master can be supplied as pre-masters, mastered versions mimicking the original mastering process, artificially aged master which sound like they have been on tape and vinyl, and full multitrack ready for mixing and re-mixing.

Full audio master rerecordings – audio examples

Toxic – official complete backing track re-recording by Replay Heaven (extended excerpt). This is an excerpt from a re-recording of the complete instrumental multitracks of Toxic by Britney Spears, commissioned by several of the right holders in the composition. All audio you hear is a re-recorded audio by Replay Heaven.
Steve Winwood – Valerie – Complete official multitrack re-record by Replay Heaven (excerpt). This is an excerpt from a re-recording of the entire instrumental multi tracks of Valerie by Steve Winwood, commissioned by the artist himself when re-recording his back catalog. Replay Heaven had re-recorded the chorus of Valerie for use in Eric Prydz’s hit ‘Call on me’ and following that, Winwood requested we re-record the entire track for him. The vocals here are supplied to us dry by Winwood. The rest is our own re-recording.
Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack – Complete official multitrack re-recording by Replay Heaven (extended excerpt). This is an excerpt from a complete re-recording of Return Of The Mack for the original artist, Mark Morrison, for new release on a new label, produced by Replay Heaven. The lead vocals were supplied by the artist. All other audio, and the mixdown are by Replay Heaven.
Toni Basil – Mickey – Official re-recording by Replay Heaven (extended excerpt). This is an except from a re-recording of the full master of ‘Mickey’ by Toni Basil, produced by Replay Heaven, commissioned by the original artist and rights holders. In this version all the instrumental elements are recorded by Replay Heaven integrating the artist’s original vocals.
Welcome To The Pleasuredome – Complete instrumental re-record by Replay Heaven (extended excerpt). This is an extended except from a re-recording of the entire instrumental multitracks of Welcome To The Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, required for a live show usage. All audio you hear is a new recording by Replay Heaven, copying the 80s original.
U Don’t Know Me – Complete instrumental re-recording by Replay Heaven (extended excerpt). This is an excerpt from a complete re-recording of the backing for You don’t know me’ by Armand Van Heldon, re-recorded by Replay Heaven for a project with the original vocalist Duane Harden. All the backing you hear is re-recorded from scratch by Replay Heaven. The vocals here Harden’s original vocals, dropped in for context.

Why re-record music masters?

– Having a master you own enables you to potentially collect all master revenue from that version yourself.

– It can be beneficial for artists to re-record their back catalog once they are out of their re-record restriction, if their masters are still owned by a 3rd party / label.

– Receive master money direct even if the original master is unrecouped.

– Take direct control of master usage in sync with a version you own yourself

– get access to multitrack versions of masters to enable remixes, alternate versions etc to be made, where the original multitracks have been lost (in in older catalog, never existed)

– much legacy back catalog has never been uploaded to modern streaming platform etc by defunct or unfocused labels. Take control of the streaming market with masters you own yourself.

Why would artists need help re-recording their own tracks?

You might think that a recording artist would be best placed to run the re-recording of their own tracks – after all – they made the original version didn’t they? However in practice this is not necessarily the case, as evidenced by the very common situation where re-recorded versions of tracks by the original artist are clearly inauthentic and inferior sounding even to the layman. The sonics and atmosphere of classic recordings come together through the interaction of many different factors – in particular the interaction of the artist and the producer, but also the specifics of the studio used, session musicians, mixing engineer, equipment used etc etc. The artist in isolation in most cases is unaware of the full picture of how the original recording came to sound the way it did.

Replay Heaven’s unique and extensive knowledge of and methodology for meticulously recreating vintage audio, is the perfect partnership for an original artist looking to re-capture the essence of their back catalog, but with new masters.